Machining: Details and Processes of Machining

Machining is a broad term that includes processes that remove material from a work piece. Machining includes industrial grinding and Blanchard grinding as well as industrial knife sharpening . Each of these processes uses machine tools that are power driven.

Metal cutting is the process of cutting metals using advanced machines. There are several different machining processes that are used to cut metal:

Machining Processes

Grinding is a cutting process that uses an abrasive wheel or grinding belt against a work piece to separate material.  High quality part specific coolant is used to stop the grind wheel from becoming hot and producing sparks.

Turning is another machine cutting process. A turning machine uses a lathe to turn the piece around as a blade cuts the piece of material.

Drilling is one of the most common machining processes used for cutting.  This method makes use of a drill press with an integrated drill bit to cut the work piece.  Drill bits come in various shapes and sizes, which is helpful for intricate shape cutting.

As technology advances, non-traditional methods for machine cutting have been developed. Water jet cutting is used to cut soft or cracked materials, for example. Electrochemical machining is used to cut materials that are difficult to cut using traditional methods.

Machining on Industrial Process

Machining is essential to the industrial process. Precision Grinding LLC works hard to continually improve its techniques to increase production and quality. Industrial knife sharpening, industrial grinding, and Blanchard grinding are some of the machining processes at which Precision Grinding excels.

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