Industrial Grinding

Various Types of Industrial Grinding Machines

If you are looking for a company that can perform industrial grinding, it will help to learn about the different kinds of grinding machines, or grinders, used in this field. Grinding is used for finishing work pieces that require a high quality surface and high accuracy in dimension and shape.

Different types of grinding like Blanchard grinding, industrial grinding, and industrial knife sharpening require different types of machines to create the desired product. Grinding machines are generally made of abrasive grinding wheels that are power-driven with a bed for guiding the work piece.

Industrial Grinding-Machine Variations

Following are some grinding machine variations:

  • Surface grinders are used to produce smooth finishes on surfaces. They have a head that is lowered onto the work piece, and the work piece is moved back and forth past the grinding wheel.
  • Cylindrical grinders may contain many grinding wheels and are used to shape cylindrical pieces.
  • Tool and cutter grinders are versatile grinders that are used to sharpen a number of cutting tools.

Industrial Grinding is Precision Grinding LLC

All material is flooded with high quality temperature controlled coolant during the grinding process.

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