General Recycling (Single Shaft)

General Recycling (Single Shaft)

Recycling is considered one of the most difficult cutting applications today, as high-tech composite materials will often cause chips or premature wear on knife edges. There are ways to solve this problem, like making your own knife material, surface finish, cutting edge geometry, and heat-treating techniques.

Precision Grinding for General Recycling(Single Shaft)

When we talk about general recycling, we can talk about either granulator or single-shaft recycling. Precision Grinding can provide assistance with both.

Our years of expertise in manufacturing industrial knives assure that you are provided with cutting knives that can maximize your shredders’ potential and reduce your downtime. Single-shaft recycling is becoming more popular in the market and many are finding this product to be effective and economical.

Best Knives for General Recycling(Single Shaft)

If you are looking for the best knives for you granulator and single-shaft shredders you can always count on Precision Grinding. We can provide you with high quality products at affordable price. We have been in business for years and in that time we gained the trust of many clients. We have all the products and services to meet your needs. General Recycling (Single Shaft) or (Granulator) Precision Grinding is the answer.