Converting / Shear Cutting

Converting / Shear Cutting

Shearing is the process of cutting sheet metal to resize a large stock and prepare it for stamping.

The shear processes reproduce shear edge burr which may be minimized down to 10% material thickness. A burr functions for the clearance of die and punch that are designed nominally to be the thickness of the materials; and the die and punch sharpness.

Many companies perform this sharing process for industrial grinding or Blanchard grinding establishments. These companies offer services in various levels.

Precision Grinding LLC-Converting / Shear Cutting

Precision Grinding LLC strives to meet the varied needs of all its clients. We are a reliable provider of a wide range of customized solutions, including Blanchard grinding, and industrial knife sharpening. Our knowledgeable, and experienced engineers produce quality results no matter the service. Our affordability and quick turnaround have satisfied many customers since we started in 2006.

Converting / Shear Cutting located in Rock Hill, SC

For more information please contact us by phone at 1-803-417-8939 or visit our location in Rock Hill, South Carolina. We can answer any questions you may have about industrial knife sharpening, Blanchard grinding, or any of our services. If you become one of our valued customers, you will be more than satisfied with our service for your Converting / Shear Cutting needs, Precision Grinding LLC is the answer.