Our company is a leading service supplier of industrial grinding. Contact us if you are in need of the following services:


Our employees have all the skills needed to do Blanchard grinding and industrial grinding as well as rotary and exterior grinding. We can provide small and largeplates and we are able to grind most forms of material. At Precision Grinding LLC, we grind both the steel plates that we offer and the parts you distribute.

Rotary grinding allows for quick steel removal, leaving a fine surface finish. With a rotary grinder, most materials will gain an almost 64 RMS finish. Surface or industrial grinding is a more accurate form of grinding that tends to be slower but results in an improved surface finish and a flatter plate. We can achieve an almost 32 RMS finish with most materials. Allow us to grind the parallels, foundation, die and mold plates, instant change and mounting plates, tables, weldments, and shear blades you need.


Precision Grinding LLC offers a wide variety of machining services. We invest in cutting-edge technology so we can deliver on speed and precision, enabling us to create your plates on time and at an affordable cost. From tiny knee mills, high pace milling machines, and boring machines, to huge parallel CNC mills, Precision Grinding LLC has all the tools to meet your machining needs. We can do 3D machining with our heavy duty, fast-working mills. We can machine parts from your own files and our engineers will give you the CAD data, including sketches.

We can do everything you need; there is no task too big, too small, or too difficult. Our machines have a 5-ton hoist so we can handle big plate tasks. We are committed to quality and will inspect every piece we create to make sure it meets your requirements exactly. Let Precision Grinding LLC be the one-stop shop to take care of your machining needs.

Other Services

In addition to grinding and machining, we offer services like industrial knife sharpening . We guarantee you that all services and products we provide will be high-quality and affordable.


We would be happy to receive a call from you. To ask about our products or get a quote for our services, please call us at 1-803-417-8939.