Blanchard Grinding 30301

Blanchard Grinding Company in Atlanta, 30301

Blanchard Grinding 30301Precision Grinding is a company that specializes in Blanchard grinding services. Our company provides customers extreme Blanchard grinding and precise surfaces. We serve customers in the agricultural, aerospace, marine, automotive, medical, wire, mining, spindle, and paper and pulp industries. When your business needs Blanchard grinding in Atlanta, think about Precision Grinding.

Precision Grinding has the ability to work with metals like platinum, magnesium, cobalt, tantalum, as well as composites, ceramics, rubbers, ferrites, and plastic. This is what makes our company truly versatile. We offer only the highest quality service to customers in the Atlanta area. We provide them with the machinery, mold grinding, tooling/fixtures, and way grinding services that they require. We use a wide range of sophisticated equipment to handle all grinding jobs. All customers are assured that their grinding needs will be taken of by our skilled and professional workers.

Our Blanchard rotary grinding service features flat surfaces of large stock removal rates. The magnetic chuck holds the ferrous materials while its opposite surface is ground one at a time. Non-ferrous materials can also be ground but that requires special holding arrangements, and we can also handle it efficiently.

Blanchard Grinding 30301 Machine Specifications

  • Max. Height – 23 inches
  • Max. Swing – 52 inches
  • Dimensional Tolerance – plus or minus 0.002 inches
  • Tolerance  – 0.0001-0.003 inches

At Precision Grinding, every customer can expect that their orders will be manufactured using up to date machines and equipment. Our company uses chuck sizes ranging from 36”, 42”, 60”, 84”, 96”, 100”, 148”, The Blanchard grinding machine capacity is 156” diagonal, 63” high, and up to 20, 000 lbs. maximum weight capacity.

If you need Blanchard grinding in Atlanta, look no further than Precision Grinding. PRECISION GRINDING provides fast turn around, great prices and service. Contact us for a quote!