Blanchard Grinding 29201

Blanchard Grinding Company in Columbia, 29201

Blanchard Grinding 29201If you require precise grinding equipment for your business, you need to find a good Blanchard grinding company in Columbia such as Precision Grinding. Our company has been servicing all types of industries in the Columbia area for many years. These industries include wire, marine, aerospace, medical, mining, manufacturing, agricultural and paper industries. Precision Grinding aims to provide good and quality services that will help your business grow.

Precision Grinding can grind almost all types of metals and alloys in different scales. We are capable of Blanchard grinding carbon steel plates, tool steel bars, carbons, heavy welded fabrications, specialty steel parts, precision steel parts, and finished parts.

The Blanchard rotary grinding services by Precision Grinding feature flat surfaces of large stock removal rates. The magnetic chuck holds the ferrous materials while its opposite surface is ground one at a time. Non-ferrous materials can also be ground but that requires special holding arrangements, and our company can handle that efficiently.

Blanchard Grinding 30301 Machine Specification

  • Max. Height – 23 inches
  • Max. Swing – 52 inches
  • Dimensional Tolerance – plus or minus 0.002 inches
  • Tolerance  – 0.0001-0.003 inches

Blanchard grinding has become accepted as the leader of the surface grinding industry. Blanchard rotary grinding machines can produce maximum production of grinded metals in fine finished, accuracy of flatness and parallelism, and safely grounded.

Blanchard grinding is well known for its trademark crosshatched pattern of finished surfaces. The grinding pattern comes in a rotational movement of the work piece and wheel turning motion of the grinder. Both the trailing and leading edges of the blanch grinder touch the working leading to precise surface output. Consider Precision Grinding when you are in need of Blanchard grinding in Columbia and in whole 29201 zip ode area. PRECISION GRINDING provides fast turn around, great prices and service. Contact us for a quote!