About Us

About Us
Precision Grinding LLC was established in 2006 with a mission to serve the public with excellent customer service and highly competitive costs.. Our company is a leading service provider of steel plate  grinding, Blanchard grinding, industrial knife sharpening and more.

We are proud of our group of experienced machinists, engineers, and who meet the needs of all our valued customers. We offer high quality products and services as part of our mission to satisfy and build long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our services include industrial knife sharpening,  and Blanchard and industrial grinding.

We offer many options to suit the different requirements of existing customers as well as new ones. We provide customization services to give our clients exactly the machined plate they need.  Our well-trained, licensed machinists possess all the skills needed to perform Blanchard and industrial grinding on all sizes of steel plate. (Blanchard grinding up to 108”)

We conduct regular training with our employees to teach them about the latest technologies so they can render the services we offer more efficiently and effectively. Ongoing education of our employees helps them become more productive, knowledgeable, and proficient.

Our customer service representative department is staffed with friendly and efficient employees. They are always on hand to answer our phones and talk with both regular and potential customers. You can be sure that they will give you detailed, informative answers to all your questions.

Our employees work together to fulfill our mission, which is to deliver high quality products and services to satisfy our clients. In our years spent in the Industrial Grinding industry, we have worked with many clients who have been pleased by our services and our devotion to them.

We understand that delivering quality service and products at a reasonable cost is the key to attracting customers in this competitive market. We value the trust that clients have in us and we would be happy to hear from you. If you have questions, please contact us at 1-803-417-8939.